The Beginnings of A Technical Manager

In a little bit less than 7 months of joining GitStart, I have become a developer team manager for the first time.

Just a small part of the whole GitStart community 🥰

Even with previous experience of working on my own startup involving critical decision making and am used to holding up professional responsibilities, starting to manage people is a whole new level. Luckily I wasn’t the first person to manage people within our community, so there are a lot of shared processes that I can follow.

At a fast growing startup, there wasn’t a lot of “heads up” before I officially became a manager. It was announced on Friday that I was to build up my own team starting the coming Monday. Since there wasn’t a lot of time, I focused on resources readily available within the company (and thankfully I was already almost finished reading The Making of A Manager by Julie Zhuo)

The difficulties that I anticipated were mainly:

  • how to effectively balance productivity and physical & mental well-being amongst the team

As mentioned earlier luckily we have processes and policies within the company to follow already which makes being a manager a lot easier.

These are the few things I’ve done so far while setting up my team:

  • Daily Standups (recurring calendar invites + async standup system on our GitStart dashboard)
    How it works: During the daily standup meeting, we go through the pre-posted written standups (on our system) on what they worked on, what is coming next and if they faced any blockers. This won’t exceed 30 mins per day.
    Things to watch out for: If any team member misses a daily standup, their async standup must be posted in due time, and jump on a quick call whenever available.

And that’s a wrap for the beginnings of a manager for me. Mostly these are some great practices that we have at GitStart already — and I’d love to share more when more learnings arises. I reckon there are more specific steps to take while mentoring someone technically vs non-technically, tips and tricks to preparing for an interview, and many more!

And for now, happy December ☀️🎄

If you’re curious about how GitStart is helping companies scale up their technical capabilities autonomously (think: Pull Requests as a Service), feel free to reach out to me! Love to share more 💫

i write code and throw parties. currently coding and writing a bilingual mental health newsletter

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