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  • Kelly ChowChow

    Kelly ChowChow

    The artsy PM who tracks her life with data.

  • Julio Piubello

    Julio Piubello

  • Tavish Gobindram

    Tavish Gobindram

    Software Engineer who wants to write more Human Language

  • Ivo Drescher

    Ivo Drescher

    Interests: People, Learning, Personal Development, Mindfulness, Traveling, China, Drones, and more.

  • William Ross

    William Ross

    Business, bullshit, and other banter.

  • Samanee Mahbub

    Samanee Mahbub

    Adventurer, Activator, Do-er. I wear my blog on my sleeve, traveled more than most, and have the soul of a 60-year old grandma. Say hi at samaneezm@gmail.com :)

  • 1517 Fund

    1517 Fund

    1517 supports technology companies led by young founders. “A real education is a liberation.” — Nietzsche

  • Anne Marie Droste

    Anne Marie Droste

    I run global expansion at Entrepreneur First. I think the world’s most ambitious people should start companies.

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