In a little bit less than 7 months of joining GitStart, I have become a developer team manager for the first time.

Just a small part of the whole GitStart community 🥰

Even with previous experience of working on my own startup involving critical decision making and am used to holding up professional responsibilities, starting to manage people is a whole new level. Luckily I wasn’t the first person to manage people within our community, so there are a lot of shared processes that I can follow.

At a fast growing startup, there wasn’t a lot of “heads up” before I officially became a manager. It was announced on Friday…

First week of August, marks the beginning of the fifth month of me working fulltime as a software engineer at GitStart. It also marks the start of the fifth month simultaneously trying to make progress on my project immi watch. It also is the fifth month where I swapped social interactions with edX/ Coursera courses. I’ve also tried to get back on my Goodreads reading challenge which I totally left out for a few months this year…


While it should be a weekly reflection, this is the first time this year I’ve tried to reflect outside of my bi-weekly therapy…

In the recent years there has been a trend moving from using APIs where you have to constantly request data from a third party service, towards Webhooks where the third party service you are using instead will send a POST request to your url of choice whenever there is any change you subscribed to (eg. a new Github issue being created, a new comment…).

That’s what we are doing at 🌟Gitstart🌟as well, and here’s how we are building our infrastructure to run webhooks from multiple sources, at scale.

For simplicity purposes we will be using Github webhooks as an example…

8 June 2019

*Us watching Little Big Shots (TV show about little kids doing big things)*

🙋🏻‍♀️: Grandpa, what were you up to when you were 7?

👴🏼: I was fighting.

Grandpa, Dr CK Lim was born in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia, then moved to Johor Bahru to continue his secondary education, eventually he went to Singapore for his pre-college and MBBS at University of Singapore. He wears a suit or at least a buttoned up shirt with nice dress pants and dress shoes every day. …

Congratulations on getting your first, or second, or fifth internship in the Bay Area! 🌉 You must love tech! 💻

This article is for interns who are extroverted, from major cities, and would like to make the most out of your summer social life in the Bay, in specific — South Bay.

In my short and sweet stay in Mountain View, I got to visit Pixar, 23AndMe, Quora (in addition to so many other tech companies!); went to a music festival by the beach; spent most weekends in SF (despite living almost 2 hours away in Mountain View); met Marissa…

To describe 2018 with a few words, it would be: femtech, insatiable, balanced, love, and growth.

I spent half of my 2018 in Hong Kong, and the other half in Bay Area. For the first half I was struggling with hormonal imbalance, and the second half I was pondering upon an idea of starting a company in hormonal research (hint: #femtech |

For half I was a student, and for more than half I was a working professional doing events & talent sourcing at Entrepreneur First HK as well as writing code at Zingbox.

team at entrepreneur first 🖤

I built HKUST Tech Club

I came here without expectations, but every day has been exceeding expectations…

Visiting Big Sur & Carmel Beach with new friends and old friends

Checklist of things done.

  • Met a new friend at the Caltrain Station, and was invited to his friend’s pregame party before celebrating pride at Dolores Park.

Over 7 years and across the globe, EF has successfully identified 700+ talented and ambitious individuals, helped built 100+ deep tech companies and have an overall valuation of 1 billion USD.

This year, they chose Hong Kong to be their 4th location after London, Singapore and Berlin. At the end of July, 50 talented individuals from the region, each having a unique edge in either technical skills, domain knowledge or product, will come together, pair up, become co-founders, and each build a million/billion dollar deep tech company.

2 months ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to EF by…

It’s my 15th day in Seattle, and my 1st official day in the University of Washington. For those who come from Hong Kong/ Taiwan — here is my view of the differences (or just fun facts)I’ve seen since I’ve landed in Seattle-Tacoma Airport.

Fun Fact #1: Mandarin is everywhere in the airport!

From when I landed to lining up in the customs, the only English words I heard were from the officers at the customs. All announcements, help prior to the customs officers were in Mandarin Chinese!

This week, precisely on 19 Feb, 2017, an astonishing article surfaced the internet. Sexism was brought to life with the very, very strange experience of Susan J. Fowler at Uber.

Also being an engineer, there has always been a slight fear that, no matter how hard you try, there will be a glass ceiling forbidding you for achieving in life; there has always been a hope that I will be judged not by my appearance, but my performance. During high school, I had the opportunity to join Sheryl Sandberg’s online conference and was first introduced to her best-selling book Lean…

Tania Tan Wu

i write code and throw parties. currently coding and writing a bilingual mental health newsletter

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